Our History

Heartland National Bank was organized in 1998 by a group of local businessmen. Their biggest concern at that time was the effect bank mergers and acquisitions were having on Highlands County businesses. It was their belief that the community would benefit from a locally owned, independent banking institution that focused on providing quality customer service. Decisions affecting customers made locally by directors and employees having roots in the community would enhance the value of service to the Highlands County community.

The vision included building a team of experienced construction and mortgage lenders that could provide value to local contractors and real estate brokers through knowledge of the market and customer focus. The bank handles the mortgage process completely in house, from application and underwriting, to approval and closing. Construction draws to contractors are typically made within 24 hours of request.

The bank is proud to support the community and organizations like the Highlands County Builders Association. The staff‘s community involvement and approach to banking has been well received by the realtors in Highlands County. Due to this tremendous support, the bank has grown to four (4) offices with assets exceeding $700 million.